Neonatology and the Rights of Families

Bill Silverman

Narof Mailing List

It is important to note that the MAILING LIST is not exclusively for parents whose children are handicapped, but here their voice is guaranteed. Any parent or professional who is interested in discussing perinatal ethical issues, recent follow-up information, iatrogenic problems, etc. that others have found disturbing, is also welcome to join. However to ensure that these discussions are frank and supportive, no posting of 'Hollandaise' material is permitted. By this I refer to items such as 'Welcome to Holland', 'How God Chooses a Preemie Parent', or other poems or items which trivialise the living situation for parents facing the life-long struggle of raising disabled children.

The mailing list is not available to the public. Members who join choose to do so in order to discuss or learn about the more private and personal aspects of living with the life-long process of raising children who do not outgrow their prematurity linked disabilities. The mailing list has no archives apart from those posts the members themselves chose to keep. Unlike the public NaRoF forum, any views expressed on the mailing list are confidential and may not be used, quoted or referred to in any way without the direct expressed permission of the author. Anyone breeching this confidentiality will be removed immediately.

To subscribe to the NaRoF mailing list, send a brief introduction to either Helen Harrison , Beth Crothers or Gaelle Trebaol .Please includes your full name, professional interest and/or the details of your child's NICU or your professional position. This information will not be made public and is only given for security reasons and to ensure that each new member joining the list is there for a bonafide reason..



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